Java + podcast = JavaCast

I listened yesterday to the first JavaCast, which is an mp3-based talk show downloaded from the internet and played on your favorite player (yes, you don’t have to own an iPod to listen to podcasts). I thought it was good in general, and I hope the quality of the interviews remain the same as the y move forward.

The interview with Craig R. McClanahan was interesting as it gave some background on how Struts came to be and what are the future plans for Struts, JSF and Struts+JSF. The talk about scripting in Java, though, felt more like a table of contents of what surely is a topic that needs more time to discuss.

When blogs started to appear, everyone and their relatives wanted to be part of it (I, of course, among them). But I won’t be joining the podcasting scene anytime soon. It’s one thing putting your thoughts on writing, and another totally different thing to just blurt everything out over some microphone.

Oh, and then there’s the accent problem… 😉

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