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Sony Ericsson vs. Nokia (bluetooth support)

The battery for my Sony Ericsson P800 died a couple of weeks ago as it started to lose charge fast and when I took a look at it, the battery was inflated, so I threw it away before it exploded or something. Since then, I’ve been using a Nokia 6230, which is considerably smaller, but it lacks PDA capabilities.

However, one of the things that strike me as odd is their Bluetooth support. I find Nokia’s bluetooth support to be better than Sony Ericsson, even though Ericsson was one of the first companies involved in Bluetooth technology (if not the first).

For instance, I have a Scala 500 bluetooth headset, and whenever I used it with the P800, I would have lots of trouble to make the phone recognize my voice tags. I couldn’t even use my headset to record the voice tags, I had to use the phone. On the 6230, on the other hand, whenever I connect the headset, all the sound is transfered to it, including the ring tones and the music (the 6230 comes with an MP3/AAC player). The only sound that doesn’t go to the headset is the FM Radio, and that’s because to use the radio you have to connect the included corded headset, which acts as an antenna.

I’m looking for a new battery for my P800, because I need the PDA capabilities, but I might keep the 6230 around to make phone calls, particularly on the road, when using the voice tag recognition is vital.

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