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Maven Continuum 1.0 Final is out

Just as I was researching on a Continuous Integration tool for our next project at work, I learn from a co-worker that the Apache Maven Project has released final version 1.0 of its CI tool, Continuum.

I downloaded and installed the application, and it looks really nice. Previous to this tool, I was considering using Luntbuild (by recommendation of another developer), but since we’re going to use Maven for our build tool, and considering the long track of successes in projects that the Apache Software Foundation has, I think I’m going to stick with Continuum for the time being.

The CI tool is only part of what we’re trying to set up to standardise and speed development. We have found and chosen the following tools:

I wonder if someone has a similar setup, with the same or different tools, and why they chose those tools. Also, do the use of those tools actually improve development speed?

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