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Gmail oopses

So, if you use Gmail, I’m sure you’re also getting the regular ‘Oops’ message:


I’ve been having this error on and off for at least 3 weeks, and sometimes it annoys me (OK, every time). Doing a basic research, it appears many people are aware of this error, but no one knows why. Even though the system is in the ‘beta’ stages, I think an explanation from Google would be nice. Someone on some Spanish blog mentioned that it has to do with the domain changes they’re doing because of the G-mail lawsuit, but there’s no evidence supporting this.

Does the fact that the service is advertised as ‘Beta’ make it OK for a company to ignore these kind of problems?

UPDATE: I followed a suggestion that someone gave to me, and it seems that the problem has gone away. What I did, basically, was to modify my bookmark of gmail, to connect thru https. This seems to avoid the Oopses.

4 thoughts on “Gmail oopses

  1. Anonymous

    Never happened to me. Heavy user.

  2. Anonymous

    Well.. was told that they didn’t like to recruit coders with a background from the finance sector since they were regarded as too rigid when it comes to platform engineering and caring for the test/uat/prod lifecycle in order to know what actually goes into prod.
    10 Sow;
    20 Reap;
    30 Goto 10;

  3. Anonymous

    I heard they push or can push a new release every week. Maybe they don’t know how to test GMail properly.

  4. William R. Walling

    Your response ‘https://’ denotes addressing a secure server attending GMail.
    While this is novel, web sites are employing more ‘secure’ servers each day.

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