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SourceForge cvs servers down

I was trying last night to update my CVS copy of the Spring Rich Client project, which is in its early alpha stages (more about this project on a later post). Since 10pm CST I kept retrying every now and then, to no avail. Apparently SourceForge‘s CVS servers were down yesterday. I tried again this morning, before coming to work, but the server was still down.

What happens when so many projects that depend on sourceforge get stalled because the servers aren’t working? Who is to blame? I know that sourceforge provides a free service, and as such we shouldn’t complain, but since when free means bad service? With Java projects being the most popular on sourceforge, I wonder if there aren’t better options.

I’m already considering other options for project hosting at the moment, since sourceforge doesn’t have subversion repositories. Right now I’m looking at JavaForge, but the site also seems a little flaky to me (not what you would call a version 1.0 release). is also another choice, but they don’t provide subversion repositories either. Another one is codehaus, but they seem to be an invite-only setup, since there’s no way to create an account or a project there (at least not easily).

What other project hosting solutions are there for java projects? Is self-hosting the better choice now?

2 thoughts on “SourceForge cvs servers down

  1. Matthew Schmidt

    JavaForge is currently in its first beta and we hope to roll out some new features at the beginning of the year (including possibly CVS support). It should become much more user friendly as Codebeamer implements some of the requests that our users have suggested.

  2. Stian Soiland

    and Codehaus is ALSO down today because of a “disk failure”.

    It seems like people still don’t understand that disks actually FAIL and that’s why you have these fancy raids and spare disks and even more offline spare disks.

    I’m still looking for a good alternative to Sourceforge. Someone who i “in their first beta” is just not good enough either. The whole thing should be run by some serious organisation that actually have say a spare server to put in if something goes haywire.

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