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New Google Firefox extension lets you see comments

Tired of going to a website and think ‘what are other people thinking about this site?’ Well, thanks to the great minds of people working at Google, you need to wonder no more! They have come up with a new FireFox extension that will search blog posts from around the blogosphere to find what people is saying about the sites you visit.

Now, I’m sure you’ll say ‘But I’ve seen this technology before!’ ‘Even Internet Explorer has a feature to discuss about a page!’. But wait! What we’re dealing here with is something completely different! It’s from Google so it’s gotta be! This new and improved extension lets you see what people has already commented about or linked to, from all the blogs floating around.

OK, enough sarcasm… The idea isn’t new, but the fact that Google is using to search for comments, means that you’ll see whatever comment or post someone has done about a website, and you can even add your own comments (if you own a blogger account, that is). I have mixed feelings about this extension, as I think it can be abused of pretty easily (the revenge of the spam comments). What do you think? Oh, and it only works on FireFox 1.5+, so that means you’ll have to upgrade if you haven’t done so.

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