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Tip: Defragmenting disks on Windows XP

Having troubles with Windows XP speed after a while? Did you remember to defrag the drives every now and then? Here’s a quick tip: If Windows Defragmenting tool complains about not enough free space to perform the defragmentation, close all programs and disable Hibernation and virtual memory on your computer. That will free space on your disk instantly for at least the amount of RAM you have, maybe even more. Then re-run the defragmenting tool again. This is a fast way to free disk space so Defrag can run without complaining, and you can turn Hibernation and Virtual Memory back on after your disks are defragmented.

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  1. Anonymous

    Best to keep the drives defragged regularly, or if its a bother, schedule an automatic tool to run in the background, which will keep the fragmentation levels under check and save the trouble of long hours with the native tool.

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