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Where does Microsoft want to take you today?

Some time ago, I dediced to ditch Windows because I got a weird experience with it (unfortunately, I haven’t imported my old postings yet). Basically, I left my laptop on during one night and when I looked at it the next day, the machine had cleanly rebooted after installing a patch from Microsoft. I didn’t like that Microsoft had so much power over my laptop, so I switched to Linux.

I didn’t got any denial/confirmation from other people, though, about what really happened to my laptop… until now. It appears Microsoft does have the power to enter your machine, install any software they like and reboot it, even though you told the Operating System not to do it.

I really think that with the MacBook Pro coming out, firefox users raising and all the problems malware is causing for Windows, 2006 will be the year Microsoft loses its monopoly. That’s my out-of-the-hat prediction for 2006.

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