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Craving for some Sushi

I love food. In general. I can enjoy a good Prime Rib as much as I can enjoy a BigMac (well, maybe not as much, but you get the idea). I try to eat new things whenever I have the chance. Since I was a kid, my parents taught me that there are so many different types of food out there, and each one carries its own distinct flavors and aromas (I first ate caviar when I was 5 or 6, although I think it wasn’t the expensive variety).

One type of food that I really like is Sushi. It’s funny how different Sushi is prepared in different countries. I’ve haven’t been to Japan, but I’m sure Sushi is prepared in a different way than in the United States. Where I live (Monterrey, Mexico), "Sushi" usually means buying a Roll (Makisushi), and there are few places where they serve the traditional one (Nigirisushi). I think there’s a "real" Japanese sushi bar around, but I haven’t been there. And when I travel, sometimes it’s difficult to find a good place.

If you also like Japanese food, and want to really immerse in the experience of eating Sushi "the Japanese way", a friend of mine has put together a very good reference on how to eat sushi (which has gotten a lot of attention lately). It explains the different kinds of sushi you can order, how to order them and how to behave yourself.

Yes, I’m hungry and thinking about food right now. So sue me.

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