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Resurrecting my blog

It’s really been a long time since I’ve updated this site. I could make up excuses like too much work, too little time, or simply that I didn’t think there was anything worth to say. Some of it may be true, but the important thing here is that what I wanted to do with this blog was to put something that was "worth it". I didn’t want to become one of those blog people who start talking about family, politics, etc. I wanted to really dedicate this blog to Java related stuff. And not just small tidbits of information, but actual articles that I thought would benefit at least someone. But inspiration never came for those long articles.

However, in the last months I’ve been really itching to at least think about something that I could post. It’s been over a year since I did my last entry, and after all the effort I went through to get this thing running, I just couldn’t let it die. So, in the last couple of weeks I’ve been upgrading the software I use (Pebble) to the latest version, re-applying my layout and fixing some things that I didn’t like (like replacing regular rss links for feedburner links) and I think I’m now ready to "resurrect from the ashes".

What am I going to talk about? Mostly Java stuff, of course. But this time, I’ll try to be less analytical about what I want to write and Just Do It. Writing long articles about certain technologies is cool, but I also think small tidbits of information, hints, etc. are useful. Even though they might seem basic to me, there’s always new people entering the wonderful world of Java Development, and hopefully some of what I say here will help someone somewhere somewhat.

On a related note, this year has been very fortunate for me job-wise, and I’ve been involved with many new technologies. It’s time to put out some of what I learned to good use. Besides, writing on this blog is a good way for me to "store" what I’ve learned in an easy to search format.

If what I add here seems too basic for you, you’re free to move ahead. If it’s helpful to you, you’re free to use it. Welcome (back).

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