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Well, I was going to try and talk about every session that I’ve been to, and about many of the new and old frameworks that I’ve seen, but one of the downsides of having the sessions in multiple hotels is that you’re basically running from one place to another in between session. But I will eventually try to talk about all the things I’ve seen at JavaOne. At least it gives me material to keep posting stuff for a while.

I’m also very excited because as part of the Basement Coders podcast, we were able to interview many people. And we have a very special podcast coming out pretty soon in which we interview the Father of Java, James Gosling. Yes, that’s right, we talked to him for a full hour and we discussed many things, including Oracle’s ongoing lawsuit against Google and the controversy regarding his position for making Java free. I think it is a very interesting talk and you should definitely listen to it.

In general, I’ve enjoyed the conference so far, and I’ll keep discussing the different aspects of it. I’ve actually felt good that I’ve talked to some people who’ve I’ve never met, and they tell me they’ve actually read my blog before. I think that is the best incentive for me to keep doing this for a long time. Thank you all for your comments.

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