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Fixing problems on my Mac

This morning, when I sat down at my computer, I saw that SuperDuper! had a problem doing its daily backup. I tried to quit the application to no avail, and then I used ‘Force Quit’ on it, which made an error message pop up, with no way of making it go away. After another issue […]

Guillermo Castro 

Switching to IDEA, another tale

And since we’re talking about switching stuff, another thing that I recently changed is the IDE I’m using on a day by day basis. I have been a long time Eclipse user, and I still think it is a great IDE, specially for the price (you can’t beat free, can you?). It is stable enough, […]

Guillermo Castro 

Switching to Apple, a tale

My first contact with a computer was when I was around 10 years old. It was a summer "camp" and the computer in question was an Apple IIe. They taught us how to write small things in Logo. Since then, I’ve used many different computers, with many different operating systems, but it wasn’t until the […]

Guillermo Castro 
General Java

Resurrecting my blog

It’s really been a long time since I’ve updated this site. I could make up excuses like too much work, too little time, or simply that I didn’t think there was anything worth to say. Some of it may be true, but the important thing here is that what I wanted to do with this […]

Guillermo Castro 

My thoughts after 10 years of Java programming

A couple of months ago (June, to be precise) was my 10th year anniversary of doing Java programming. In that time, I’ve worked with several technologies, seen a couple of interesting projects and worked for different companies in different sectors, both as a consultant and as an employee. I thought I should share a couple […]

Guillermo Castro 

Fight for your Freedom

I was looking at the new Windows Live Messenger application that Microsoft released to replace the MSN Messenger. One of the things that I found really odd is that on of the terms on the  EULA (End User License Agreement) states: 2.    HOW WE MAY MODIFY THIS CONTRACT. We may change this contract at any […]

Guillermo Castro