MyEclipse 4.0 is out…

Finally, after using 4.0M2 for a while, I am upgrading to the GA (General Availability) version of MyEclipse Enterprise Workbench. Among the new features that comes with this release, I’m most interested in their UML Perspective, their JSF support and the new Visual Web Designer. You can check all the new features here.

For only $31.75/year, I really think it is a great bargain for the features that Eclipse needs for web development.

Oh, and I don’t have any relation to Genuitec, the company behind MyEclipse.

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  1. Be carefull with MyEclipse, don’t get me wrong, it was the first development software I paid for, the price is very right, the development cycle pretty agile, and the response great. Also they seem (seem) to respect the licenses of the OSS parts used in the system (lots of them, though I’d guess at this stage there is more Genuitec glue code in there than original OSS module code. hehe.) Anyhow all the good given aspects of MyEclipse, I feel kind of “cheated” with the price scheme change going on Genuitec right now.

    I know they’re a new company and they still need to fine tune what they charge as they discover the market share they can expect and theyr expenses, but it still feels like I am being cheated with the price schemes. Plus the application of the new schemes is very sloppy at the moment, it is hard if not impossible to find out what type of key your copy of MyEclipse considers you to have. What price of the plugin you’re entitled to, when and for how long. And how it will all work, specially what things will be included in one scheme and not in the other.

    Plus. $31.75 a year is a very fair price for a system like MyEclipse… but let’s not forget Genuitec have provided mostly glue around PRE EXISTANT open source components…

    I’ll take my usual approach about this, just be wary, wait to see what happens, and take my decision when it happens. But I can tell you, I don’t like it. No sir.

  2. Hey Lars,

    Did you know you can use html code to format your comments in a more friendly layout? 🙂

    Anyway, yeah, I know that MyEclipse is mostly a collection of OSS modules (mostly), but the convenience of MyEclipse is that you only have to download one feature and be done with it.

    About the pricing scheme, well, apparently every license issued until september 15th will be a professional license (although licenses already issued will say ‘Standard’). I do wish that Genuitec would reissue the license so I’m sure I’m getting what I paid for, but my license seems to be working.

  3. I checked with the support guys and they’ll update the key descriptions in 4.0.1 to alleviate some of the confusion. In the interim, everything seems to be golden and I do like all the new tools. Also, if you renew before 9/15 you get another year of a pro key at 29.95 so you could be using it well into 2007 at this rate. I don’t know of another company that has ever done that for me. The new pricing doesn’t bother me in the least since if you just want J2EE tools, there’s no price change. Given what they’ve added in the last couple of years, it’s amazing! I’d rather have them come up with two levels, like they did, than charge everyone for UML / Oracle tools / etc in the Pro edition. To me, they continue to rock because they get what’s important to us and they didn’t up my price. Also, I like the UML enough to pay for it anyway, but I won’t have to until well into 2007. 😉


  4. why pay and go through all this hassle when eclipse is free? never used myeclipse, but i think anyone would be hard pressed to convince me to pay for the myeclipse product with all of the multi-company-license-version-fee-conflict that seems to be happening.

    download eclipse for free and build java apps with the available plug-ins.

    developers spending too much time worrying about licensing and who owns who and contacting help desks instead of developing.

    just my opinion.

  5. And a perfectly valid opinion. I guess paying for MyEclipse or using the whole plethora of OSS plug-ins available out there for Eclipse is like the difference between paying for a Linux distribution or downloading it. Why pay for Linux, if you can download it for free?

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