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Another reason to use Gmail

I was checking my email today on Gmail, and I saw that I had 1 spam mail. This isn’t uncommon, since gmail has so far recognized every unsolicited mail. Sometimes, depending on the mood I am, I open these spam emails, just to see what they’re supposed to be selling, etc. and have a good laugh, or wonder if there are still anyone that really falls for it.

However, today I received my first phishing mail on gmail, and when I opened it to check how they were trying to accomplish the scam, I realized that gmail not only reports the phishing attempt in red, but also disables the links for the mail:

Gmail phishing email treatment

So, if you’re worried that any friend of yours or member of your family might not be internet-saavy enough to recognize phishing mails, give them a gmail account. They’ll thank you for that.

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