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And the winner (for best geek present) is…

I had a lot of interesting posts that I wanted to do, but something got in the way (besides lots of work, as usual). As you may be aware (from a previous post), my birthday was last saturday, and after a lot of consideration (i.e. getting the approval from my wife), I managed to buy myself a very nice birthday geek toy: A PSP (Playstation Portable).

I’m very impressed with what this baby can do (besides playing games, of course). With a nice and crisp screen and battery that lasts for hours, watching a movie is a really nice experience. With its wireless capabilities, you can browse the net and play other people online. Also, thanks to many enthusiasts, you can run ‘homebrew’ applications (apps created by individuals, not companies) that allows you to do more with your PSP (like listening to streaming audio) or even reading PDFs.

I have only one game for the console so far, but I see the potential for many other games, and I look closely at what people are creating for the PSP. I just wish there was an easier way for individuals to create apps/games for the PSP, instead of having to rely on firmware ‘bugs’ to be able to run applications.

Speaking of applications for the PSP, what I’d like is a way to play streamed videos on my PSP. While you can do that right now with Sony’s LocationFree application (which comes with the latest firmware update for the PSP), it requires you to have a LocationFree base, which isn’t cheap (~$200). I’m sure it’s only a matter of time for someone to port an existing video player to the PSP, like VLC, and allow you more freedom to play whatever content you desire on your console.

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