Personal finance software in Java

For those of you that like to keep a record of your personal finances, but don’t want to pay for an application like Quicken or Microsoft Money, there are a couple of solutions available in the OSS realm, most notably gnucash.

But, if you want something that can run in various operating systems (win, mac, linux) you should really try using jGnash. It’s a java-based OSS personal finance software that it’s really easy to use. I’ve been using it for a month, and I like how easy it is for me to keep track of my expenses and incomes now.

There’s another Java-based application, Moneydance, which isn’t free. I used that one a couple of years ago, and it showed promise. A friend recommended it when I was looking for a finance software last month, and I think it has improved very much, so if you don’t mind paying $29.99, this one is better in my opinion.

I hope more Java applications like these ones enter the market, because it will build the momentum needed to make Java in the desktop a reality.

One thought on “Personal finance software in Java

  1. I’ve been using Moneydance for my personal finances and portfolio tracking for a few years now and I’ve been really happy. It’s hard to go from the slick and pretty UI of MS Money or Quicken to Moneydance, but once you put that superficialness aside, it really does the job well.

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