“Fear of Girls” Video

I just saw a very funny video entitled Fear of Girls. It’s the ‘Mockumentary’ (Mock Documentary) of a pair of truly geeky… er, geeks.

The most funny (or sad) part about it, is that I understood most of the terms (LARP, Brujah clans, Druids, etc). I guess I also passed thru that phase sometime. Thankfully, I’m cured now. I think.

Anyway, thanks to revver.com, I present you the video Fear of Girls. Enjoy:

UPDATE: I’ve taken the video out, to make the page load faster, but you can still go to the link above.

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One thought on ““Fear of Girls” Video

  1. Hi there, I work with 2002 Studios who is working with Ryan Wood the creator of Fear of Girls – the Number 1 Dungeons and Dragons Satire. We are helping to pass this message from Mr Wood on…

    An Open Letter to all Past/Present/and Future “Fear of Girls” Fans from the Series Creator,


    It’s with barely contained twitchy, awkward, and nearly illegal excitement that we announce a brand spanking new “Fear of Girls” channel on the gaming mega-site IGN.com!  For those of you who share the same dangerous level of enthusiasm feel free to skip this mildly interesting, somewhat pandering, and struggling much, much too hard to be amusing email correspondence and blast right into the link below:

    IGN.COM ROLLS 20’s

    Now, if you’ve received this email and have continued reading up to this point you may be asking yourself one the following questions:


       1. “What is a “Fear of Girls”?”
       2.  “Fear of Girls”?!?  Where have you been?  I recall seeing a new episode like a hundred thousands years ago then… nothing.  I hate you.”
       3.  “What kind of crap spam is this?  At least offer me L0we$t Price$ on Lipit0r or promise that there is 10$ Million dollars in lotto winnings just waiting for me in a Nigerian bank account.”
       4. “My love for the present and future adventures of Doug Douglason and Raymond Ractburger is unrelenting and pure as the driven snow.  Just tell me where to go and I will kill for you guys.  Seriously.”
       5. “Nifty.  Now what do you want?”

    Interesting thoughts to which I have equally well thought out answers:


       1. With over 4 million views since our launch the “Fear of Girls” series has become a bona fide web wonder – IF you haven’t seen it yet then there’s never been a better opportunity to become to become acquainted with the perilous world of Elite Gamemaster Doug Douglason and his Platonic Life Partner Raymond Ractburger than on the world’s premier gaming website – IGN.com!
       2. Hate is such a strong word – how about “terribly dislike” or “angry but not stabby angry”? True, it’s been on solid year since we released the last episode – but we’re far from done with the series!  In fact we have a whole season of “Fear of Girls” we’re in the process of developing!  Imagine not just one or two but TEN episodes all released on a regular schedule!  All we need now to help make this a reality is your loving traffic.
       3. Before you flush us into your Spam folder please consider the following:  Maybe the Universe WANTS you to watch “Fear of Girls”?  And don’t make the Universe angry. You wouldn’t like it when it’s angry.
       4. Um, ok.  Thanks, I guess. Not really a question, just kinda creepy.
       5. Glad you asked!  Just click, watch, enjoy and share!

    In closing thank you to all the “Fear of Girls” fans out there that have made the series such a hit.

    We’re not done yet =D

    “Fear of Girls” on IGN.com!


    Ryan Wood
    Creator, “Fear of Girls: The Series”

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