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Gmail tip of the day

If you’re like me, you’re using gmail for all those mailing lists that you have to be on, even if you don’t actually read most of the mails sent there, and have a label (and a filter) for each of the lists, so the mail skip the inbox and go directly to the label ‘folder’.

If any of this sounds familiar, I have a tip for you. If you want to quickly scan all the unread mails to see what’s new and/or mark them as ‘read’, you can search using the ‘is:unread’ special search tag. That way, you’ll get all the unread mail in one place, and quickly act on it.

There’s a bug, though. If you’re looking at the unread search results, you can’t mark them with the ‘Select: Unread’ option and mark them as read. You have to ‘Select: All’ and then you can mark them as read.

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